Join Our Lecture Series

Lighthouse Physical Therapy would like to cordially invite you to attend our upcoming lecture series on health and nutrition that will be held at our office in Portsmouth.   For more information about the courses or to register call us at 603.431.0277.  All discussions are from 6:30-7:30 and are free of charge.

September 25: Healing the Gut

October 23: Immune Health

November 20: Sugar Blues

Do you often fight sugar cravings?  Lack energy?  Sleep poorly?  Suffer from frequent headaches and anxiety? Wish your skin was more vibrant?  You may have a case of the sugar blues.  Join personal chef and holistic health coach Teri Hull and the team at Lighthouse Physical Therapy as we delve into the critical topic of sugar in your diet.  You’ll leave the class understanding:

  • What causes a sugar craving
  • How your body reacts to sugar
  • How sugar negatively affects your overall health and happiness
  • How to manage your cravings
  • How to enjoy sweet foods without depriving yourself

We want to permanently change your relationship with sugar.  Gain control this holiday season without deprivation and tackle life with energy.

January 22: Inflammation

February 26: Heart Health

March 26: Allergies