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At Lighthouse Physical Therapy we are dedicated to treating the patient, not just the injury.  Our professional staff is well trained, highly qualified and knowledgeable about the most advanced physical therapy treatment methods available.  We are committed to using our expertise to help patients get better faster and stay active longer.

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Holistic Approach

We utilize a holistic approach that focuses on specialized treatments to decrease symptoms and promote healing.  In addition we equip our patients with the necessary tools to keep them active and healthy long after they leave our facility.  These tools include education about exercise, fitness and general wellness to help them to keep performing at optimum levels and feeling their best.

Our Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy centers around treating each patient as an individual.  We work one-on-one with patients and our hands-on approach is focused on each person’s unique situation.  We evaluate and assess our patients’ conditions and take into consideration limitations, needs, lifestyles and goals before designing comprehensive treatment plans that meet patients’ desired outcomes.

Out Techniques

We use many different therapy disciplines including: Integrative Manual Therapy (Viseral Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Strain Counterstrain, Muscle Energy, Neural Tension, etc), Bowen TechniquesApplied Functional Science, Craniosacral, Kinesiotaping**. If you have a recent injury or long term issue and have been told there is nothing that can be done, give us a try.  We treat a wide array of conditions* and have had success with very challenging conditions.  Give us a call today to set up your appointment.

Why Choose Lighthouse Physical Therapy?

Patient Testimonials

Look What People Have To Say About Lighthouse PT

“…We found Lighthouse PT and he began to feel results after his first treatment. After only 5 visits, Drew’s symptoms subsided and he was able to return to playing baseball…”

“I was able to get back to my favorite activity without pain! Because of the therapy I received I was able to run a half marathon, where just a month previous my knee hurt so badly I could hardly walk…”

“…Fortunately for me, Lighthouse Physical Therapy has consistently been able to get to the root of my pain and treat the true cause, putting me back in the gym quickly! Lighthouse Physical Therapy is an important part of my team!”