Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

Lighhouse Physical Therapy | IMTIntegrative Manual Therapy is based on the assumption that most health problems (whether minor or chronic) come down to blockages and other dysfunction that prevent the body from self-healing.

By addressing the body as a whole and not focusing on just one system (eg circulatory, nervous, autonomic nervous, lymphatic and endocrine), IMT allows the practitioner to locate the source of pain and disability and not just the symptom, they can then re-establish the body’s internal flow and innate healing abilities.
These are gentle and non-invasive techniques and patients remain fully clothed at all times. Although IMT is a hands-on technique it is very different from massage or classic physical therapy.  Our therapists treat the body as a whole and look at all the problems that affect a patient’s health, finding and treating the cause and not just the symptom.

Sharon Weiselfish Giammatteo Ph.D, P.T., I.M.P, C., has been developing Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) for the past thirty years. It is the focus of clinical practice and continuing research at Center IMT in Connecticut. Dr Weiselfish Giammatteo’s 1992 doctoral work incorporated advanced IMT in the field in rehabilitation for the neurologic client.  Visit for more information.