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David Burchuk

David G. Burchuk, Owner PT, ATC

My interest In Physical Therapy came about while working part time as a Gymnastics coach. As a coach I had to analyze the body’s movements to figure out the best corrections to give the athlete that would make the biggest change in their performance. This became my passion and led me to switch careers over 26 years ago from Mechanical Engineering to Physical Therapy in order to work with people instead of paper and pencil.

Sarah E. Troost, PT

My desire to become a Physical Therapist started back in 8th grade when a family friend, in her senior year of P.T. school, was visiting for dinner.  She spoke that night of her classes, her experiences on her affiliations, and what her plans were after graduation. My curiosity was piqued.  I volunteered that summer at our local Physical Therapy department and was hooked!

Matthew M. Begnoche, PT

In high school, I literally picked ‘physical therapy’ out of a big book of careers because it seemed interesting.  After graduating from the University of Vermont, I found myself in an expansive field with facets that affect every aspect of health, well-being, and personal interaction, which ignited a passion for learning that has lead to thousands of hours of training in anatomy, physiology, neurology, biomechanics, nutrition, and psychology.

Bonnie Bastian, PT

My introduction to physical therapy was during my teens when I was recruited as home program assistant for each of my parents as they dealt with several different pain issues. I was intrigued by the process of helping the body heal and restore function. I volunteered at the local hospital physical therapy department and that, coupled with a love of biology and anatomy – because they   answered my ever present questions of “how and why” – clinched my career choice.

Michelle Smith, PT

My enthusiasm for Physical Therapy goes back to the 6th grade when I was inspired by my father’s Physical Therapist, Mary Jo, who helped him to learn to walk again after a serious car accident. I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in Physical Therapy and I have never looked back!

Todd Anderson, PT, ScD

My interest in physical therapy began in high school with exposure to a physical therapist assisting with the basketball team in the treatment of athletic injuries.  This was coupled at the time with a growing love for sciences, particularly anatomy and chemistry.  From these experiences, I decided to follow a physical therapist for the day at a local hospital as part of a professional shadowing opportunity through my high school.  I was able to identify the rewarding nature of physical therapy during this experience, allowing me to decide on this career choice rather easily.

Photo of Kym Berman, Physical Therapist

Kym Berman, PT

Having been a competitive swimmer and runner in high school and college, I enjoyed challenging myself and my body. That fascination with how the body responds, reacts and improves with stress, exercise and activity ultimately guided my choice of Physical Therapy as a career.

Peggy K Zola, MPT

I was lucky to have been introduced to CranioSacral Therapy early in my career while volunteering in a private Physical Therapy practice prior to attending Physical Therapy school, I was fascinated by how well clients responded to the traditional Physical Therapy treatment when it was combined with CranioSacral Therapy.


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Mary Graff, PT

My passion for Physical Therapy started in high school when I volunteered at the local VA hospital in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. From that point forward, I knew that I wanted to become a physical therapist.  I joined the Air Force and worked in the medical field after high school as part of my plan to become a physical therapist.

Andy Laurits, P.T.

Growing up and being very active in sports, I was recruited at the University of Pennsylvania, playing baseball and majoring in Sociology and Secondary Education on my way to teaching and coaching. My junior year in college, while working through some physical issues with my shoulder, I became intrigued with the process of the evaluation and treatments I received by our team trainer who happened to be a physical therapist as well.

Sarah Tripple

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JoAnn Burchuk

Front Office Staff

JoAnn Burchuk, Business Manager

What inspires me most about my job is watching the smiles of our patients as they gain back their lives. Many have lived with pain for many years with little hope of ever getting better. I have watched patients who have been disabled from pain find relief. My mission is to make our office relaxing, peaceful and a place where patients can take a break from their busy lives and can do something for themselves.

JoAnn Burchuk

Therese Ramy, Portsmouth Office Manager

I am very fortunate to have found Lighthouse Physical Therapy as my job.  Being here and working with friendly and caring people made my job so easy.  I enjoy helping people and making sure that all patients needs are met from the front desk and any other concerns they may have.

Suzy Bragg, Billing Specialist


Suzy Bragg
Patti Schmoock

Patti Schmoock Customer Service Specialist

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Barbara Havey, Customer Service