Kym Berman, PT

Kym Berman, PT

Joined Lighthouse in 2012 – 1 year

Kym Berman | Physical TherapistHaving been a competitive swimmer and runner in high school and college, I enjoyed challenging myself and my body. That fascination with how the body responds, reacts and improves with stress, exercise and activity ultimately guided my choice of Physical Therapy as a career.

I began my career at the old Portsmouth Community Hospital, working in both the in-patient and out-patient setting. While there, I helped develop the outpatient Nautilus Strengthening Program as well as several other hospital-based programs. After several years, I left to take my first cross-country bicycle trip with my (way in the future) wife, Christine. Upon returning, my experiences included a period at a private Sports Medicine and Orthopedic clinic, several travel contracts, including Florida and Hawaii. Eventually leading back to Portsmouth and dover for outpatient clinics and almost 9 years at a subacute rehab setting. This was followed by over eleven years at York Hospital, (with a short stint at Lighthouse PT).

I left York Hospital the summer of 2012 to spend the summer with my family, before the kids “leave the nest”, for a family cross-country bicycle trip from Oregon to New Hampshire. Upon returning from this wonderful adventure, I again was welcomed to Lighthouse Physical Therapy, as well as part time jobs in Kittery and Wentworth Douglas Hospital.

I love spending time with my family, (when my kid’s schedule will allow it!), swimming, biking, running and being outside.

I am still fascinated with how the human body can heal, grow and improve. This field of IMT also fascinates me with the way it works with the body, allowing it to do it’s job naturally.