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The ankle and foot are an intricate set of structures and are common sites for tears, strains, sprains and fractures.  There are a multitude of foot and ankle related conditions caused by trauma, lack of proper foot and ankle support, even improper shoe wear.  We begin with an evaluation of your posture and gait, range of motion and strength.  Our goal is to decrease acute or chronic inflammation and pain while improving muscle strength, flexibility and normalizing gait.

After my heel / Achilles tendon surgery I used the in house Physical Therapists at my surgeons office.  This gave me some minor relief and flexibility.  I mentioned that I was having other issues because of having to limp for so long before the surgery, I was answered with a shoulder shrug.  I decided to change to Light House.  One of the best decisions I ever made.  The Therapists there care, listen and have helped me with any issue I brought up.  My repaired leg is feeling great! I now walk without a limp and I’m back in the river, where I belong!


Some conditions we treat:

Ankle Fracture
Ankle Sprain
Achilles Tendon Injuries
Calf Sprain
Sin Splint
Plantar Fasciitis
Foot Pain
Heel Pain

“I’ve had foot & ankle problems my entire life. Following reconstructive surgery to fix my flat feet scar tissue began to form making it very painful to do anything. I went to traditional therapy but it only made the pain worse. Coming to Lighthouse PT helped my foot regain movement and reduce the pain. I am walking with better movement and pain free. Thank you Lighthouse!”

– Danny

Look What People Have To Say About Lighthouse PT

“…We found Lighthouse PT and he began to feel results after his first treatment. After only 5 visits, Drew’s symptoms subsided and he was able to return to playing baseball…”

“I was able to get back to my favorite activity without pain! Because of the therapy I received I was able to run a half marathon, where just a month previous my knee hurt so badly I could hardly walk…”

“…Fortunately for me, Lighthouse Physical Therapy has consistently been able to get to the root of my pain and treat the true cause, putting me back in the gym quickly! Lighthouse Physical Therapy is an important part of my team!”