Ginger Laurits

I came to the field of physical therapy with a love for science and learning, by way of personal experience, having contracted polio at age 18 months followed by years of PT. I have fond memories of my therapist asking if I did my exercises, which I didn’t do because I didn’t like them, and my mother fretting because my therapist was scary. And I still became a PT. My physical therapy education began at Simmons College, where I graduated in 1975 with a BS in biology and Certificate in Physical Therapy (please don’t do the math). I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2014 after many years of practice because I craved academic work, and because my daughter was receiving her DPT from Simmons and I had to keep up. After graduating from Simmons, I dappled in many areas of PT, including pediatrics, rehabilitation, early intervention, and home care while raising our children. In 1986, my husband, Andy, also a PT, and I opened a private outpatient PT practice in Wakefield, MA, where we worked for 31 years and still stayed married. We closed the practice on June 1, 2017 when we decided, after traveling from Maine to Mass for 7 years through blizzards and blinding rain, that the commute was too much. We have 3 grownup children, although they do not act that way most of the time: Eric, photographer, currently enrolled in a degree program for elementary education, Brian, former teacher, now orthopedic nurse practitioner, and Elizabeth, a women’s health PT, who are all married to somewhat more mature spouses. Despite all that, they have produced 4 darling children and raised, collectively, 3 dogs and a cat.

Besides stabilizing low backs, mobilizing tight hips, and watching people move, I love to be outdoors, experiencing and learning about nature. As a Master Gardener Volunteer, I work at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm, where I care for the native plant border and do some teaching about native plants. I also love to cook, eat (chocolate should be at the base of the food pyramid), garden, play piano, hang out with Andy, hike, bike, and exercise in general, but most of all, I love to hang out with the grandkids, with whom I read, make cookies, share nature, create messes, play cars, and act goofy.

I’m excited to begin a new adventure at Lighthouse PT, working with this great staff, from whom I will learn much. I look forward to new faces and endeavor to give my clients the best care I can provide.

“While medicine and surgery may save lives, no profession speaks to the quality of life better than does physical therapy. I truly believe in that statement and I endeavor to live it.”
Stanley Paris, PT, PhD