Healing Hands, Caring Hearts

We maintain an excellence in all that we offer our patients and constantly strive to exceed our patients’ expectations.  We foster a comfortable atmosphere that is compassionate, positive and supportive.

The Physical Therapists at Lighthouse PT are experts in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and chronic conditions.  We utilize a holistic approach that includes advanced physical therapy treatments combined with patient education to keep patients actively involved in their own recovery.  Our hands-on approach is customized specifically for each patient because we believe that every person has unique symptoms, limitations, needs and goals.  Our treatment philosophy, caring environment and hands-on approach produce optimal results.

Some Conditions we Treat:

• Neck and Back Pain

• Sports Injuries

• Women & Men’s Health

• Ankle, Foot & Knee injuries

• Shoulder & Elbow Pain

• Post-Surgical Recovery

• Chronic Pain

• Pediatrics & Geriatrics

• Workman’s Compensation

• Motor Vehicle Accidents

• Headaches & Migraines

• Jaw pain