Peggy K Zola, MPT

Peggy K Zola, MPT

I was lucky to have been introduced to CranioSacral Therapy early in my career while volunteering in a private Physical Therapy practice prior to attending Physical Therapy school, I was fascinated by how well clients responded to the traditional Physical Therapy treatment when it was combined with CranioSacral Therapy.

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Peggy K Zola, MPT

Several years after graduating with my Masters in Physical Therapy from Temple University, it became clear to me that traditional physical therapy alone was not enough.   I was treating clients using traditional treatment methods such as strengthening and stretching but I was seeing neither the speed nor scale of recovery I saw when combining traditional Physical Therapy with CranioSacral Therapy.

With this revelation and newfound trajectory, I began taking CranioSacral Therapy classes in 1998 through the renowned Upledger Institute, founded by Dr. John E. Upledger, pioneer and developer of CST itself.  My work in pediatric rehabilitation led me to focus on early intervention–newborns to 3-years-old. Supporting that population is where I also focused my CST training, taking classes in SomatoEmotional Release, Pediatrics, Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing. My training confirmed for me two things: first, physical and emotional trauma can be sustained at any age, including in the womb; and second, when you treat both the physical and emotional trauma, true healing occurs.

Look What People Have To Say About Lighthouse PT

“…We found Lighthouse PT and he began to feel results after his first treatment. After only 5 visits, Drew’s symptoms subsided and he was able to return to playing baseball…”

“I was able to get back to my favorite activity without pain! Because of the therapy I received I was able to run a half marathon, where just a month previous my knee hurt so badly I could hardly walk…”

“…Fortunately for me, Lighthouse Physical Therapy has consistently been able to get to the root of my pain and treat the true cause, putting me back in the gym quickly! Lighthouse Physical Therapy is an important part of my team!”