Physical Therapy has been determined by Homeland Security to be an essential medical service

To our Patients,

We hope you are all well during these uncertain and confusing times.

Physical Therapy has been determined by Homeland Security to be an essential medical service. We will continue to remain open to enable our clients to continue improving their health.

GREAT News!!!

You now have two options for continuing your therapy program and working with our amazing staff.

1. Our offices are open. The process of having patients wait in their cars and coming in directly to the therapists room has been working out AMAZING!!! All of our room are sanitized and it eliminates any other touch points.

2. Starting March 30th we are implementing Telehealth. You are able to work with your physical therapist one on one to continue working on your treatment plan and helping you to improve. We would not be able to continue with manual therapy with this process, although we can give you some techniques to help yourself. We can review your exercises, offer tips to help performance or exercise progressions and to reeducate you on how to move better/easier. Also note: Some commercial insurances are waving patient copays & coinsurances for telehealth.

How does Telehealth work?

– Call the office to schedule an appointment
– The therapist will send you a link to your email
– At the scheduled time you click on the link and it brings you directly to the video call.
– There are no programs for you to download.


– Need either a smart phone or a computer with a camera
– Cameras must be turned on

In addition, we are also implementing Keet – a digitally based exercise program. The therapists will send you videos showing you how to do each exercise. It also has a messaging feature so you are able to stay in close contact with your therapist if you have questions. Beware – it does track when you do your exercises!!

How does Keet work?

– The therapist will send you a message to log into Keet
– You will have to create a username/password


– Computer or smart phone
– If you use your smart phone you will need to download the Keet App

We are committed to your health and well-being. We hope you will take care of these opportunities to continue your therapy.

Best in health,

Your dedicated staff at Lighthouse Physical Therapy